Welcome to the Virtual Dog Park!

Photo above: Bruin born 1/2014, Twinkie born 2002, Hunter 2001-2014

First let me introduce my investigating team, Bruin, a 2 year old grand basset griffon Vendeen (French hound) is an expert at climbing through bramble and piles of rubble to get a feel for a property. Twinkie’s job is to guard the car.

Bruin, Twinkie, and I started working to make our dream dog park a reality in the summer of 2016. We wanted to do it in Hunter’s memory, because we lost Hunter in 2014, but we still really miss him. Bruin, who wasn’t born yet when we lost Hunter, has heard a lot about him and would like to grow up to be just like him as soon as he doesn’t have anything better to do. Twinkie misses Hunter, but is so busy making sure Bruin doesn’t get her food that she forgets to sometimes.

In all honesty, Hunter would not have enjoyed a dog park. He was what we call today, in 2016, a “Reactive Dog.” Some people called him an “aggressive dog” back when he was young, but he was just a dog who felt uncomfortable around strangers. Dog parks would not have been happy places for him.

Twinkie, on the other hand, likes dog parks as long as there are people there with food that they’ll share with her. Food is about the only thing Twinkie cares about other than world domination. She’s a terrier mix, aloof, independent, difficult to train, more cat than dog. She’s 13.5 now, too old to cause much trouble or play much, but she’ll never be too old to eat.

Bruin is the baby and he would rather run wild through the woods than go into a dog park. He’s always excited to see all the dogs, but unless he can find a dog who wants to play with him, and only him, he’ll just sniff around, visit with some of the dogs, then come hang out with me, or somebody else who has plenty of time to admire him. Bruin loves to be admired.


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