Shout out to Coach Mike!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been focussed on training Bruin lately and that it is going so much better than I ever imagined. This, I’m sorry to say, has absolutely nothing to do with my dog training skills – I have been working with Coach Mike from City Living Dog Services and he is the real deal! With nothing but a few tasty treats and gentle encouragement he was able to have Bruin heal and come when called on the first day! If any of you have ever seen the spectacle of Bruin dragging me around the trails then you’ll appreciate how amazing that is.

Really, I cannot recommend Coach Mike more highly – he is patient with the dogs as well as with their neurotic owners, and he was able to quickly identify the source of the issues between Bruin and I (it’s me…)  Coach Mike does not subscribe to any particular philosophy or technique, instead he evaluates what he thinks is best for the situation and if that doesn’t work, he will seamlessly switch to another way to get the job done. He has never worked with an e-collar, which was refreshing after being recommended that by so many.

If you’re looking for a trainer who’s the closest thing to Cesar Milan (minus the poking in the shoulder), then check him out!

(617)  947  8988                     CITYLIVINGDOG@YAHOO.COM