Option 2: Jones Field

2.75 acres of wet loveliness! How would you design this park?

Print picture, add features you’d like to see, post your own version!



THANKS TO MELISSA RIER, Cathy Fochtman’s assistant, for submitting the first plan for the dog park on Jones field. I don’t think you can read the text from the cell phone pic so I’ll talk you through it. Starting from the bottom is the brand new playground equipment to replace the old playground equipment that nobody ever used.

Above and to the right are four, yes four, beach volleyball courts! The two wildly popular beach volleyball courts (which I have never seen used) at NARA are being turned into a parking lot to continue the beautification project in that money pit we voted to build back when we thought we’d be able to use it.

Beside those excellent additions are two basketball courts! Not just hoops – these are the whole deal! Which among us has not sat thinking about Acton and realized that we are only short a couple of basketball courts? They’ll be a nice complement to the skateboard park which I have also never seen used. I wonder if they’ll be surrounded by 8 foot fences, because that will really make the apartments across the street squeal with joy!

They had considered allowing us the piece at the top, next to the floody brook, for a dog park but thought the noise of dogs playing and having fun would be too annoying for the neighbors… But, because Cathy is always thinking about me and the inclusive community I had wanted to establish, she pointed out that there is an accessible walking trail, because there is nothing a person with mobility issues wants more than to walk peacefully among reminders of all the things they can’t do.

*maybe this is petty on my part (lol) but is anybody else bothered by the lovely architectural rendering of the property that Melissa was able to provide thanks to her position at the recreation department? I was not offered that service.

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I am a 54 year old woman with multiple sclerosis in addition to other health issues. I have two dogs, a 20 month old GBGV puppy named Bruin, and a 13 year old terrier mix named Twinkie. I also have three adult children who never call.

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