Option 1: Great Hill Field

With approximately 3 acres of play space, the pond, and the long narrow shape of the field allow lots of room for creative design options!

Print this page, add the accoutrements of your choice (don’t forget to leave access to the trail head for the public), and post your own vision for this property!


For the purpose of simplicity, the picture is an oversimplified rendering of the Great Hill Field.

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I am a 54 year old woman with multiple sclerosis in addition to other health issues. I have two dogs, a 20 month old GBGV puppy named Bruin, and a 13 year old terrier mix named Twinkie. I also have three adult children who never call.

One thought on “Option 1: Great Hill Field”

  1. Cathy Fochtman has come through again! Phase 1 of the dog park plan is ready to be pitched to the CPA! It’s an amazing plan for a $30,000 worth of water service to put in a… wait for it… Bottle Filler!!! Because dogs love those. There will also be a $2500 fence stretching across the front of the park which will not effectively contain any dogs but “won’t get in the way” of the soccer people! Best part, there is no Phase 2, because despite her early indications otherwise, soccer really is the queen bee* around here. I enthusiastically encouraged her to pitch that plan straight into the trash bin, because under no circumstances will I have my name or the name of this “Committee” associated with it.

    *nothing personal, Dick Selby


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