Bruin, the hound dog.

Bruin is a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen. In English, that means large, low, rough-coated dog, from the Vendees region of France. His breed originated in the 19th century to hunt rabbits in rough terrain. They make a nice pet, if you have the time and the patience to train them, but they need a lot of time to run, run, run. I’m trying to let him be an off leash dog, but every now and then he gets ornery, picks up a scent, and just goes for it. Other times he runs of a little bit, meets up with another dog, and “forgets” to come when called. It is not unusual for hounds to have selective deafness.

Lately we’ve been visiting the two local dog parks, Chelmsford & Maynard, just to hang out, maybe meet some people, and hopefully get Bruin some exercise. Bruin’s a picky playmate, though, and he seldom finds just the right dog to play with him, so he spends most of his time sniffing around the park, visiting people to admire him, and hanging around me. He doesn’t get enough exercise at either park, so I spend a lot of time kicking soccer balls for him to chase in the back yard.

I’ve made one observation from these two enclosed dog parks – dogs stand around a lot at dog parks. Sometimes, especially if two dogs know and like each other, then they will run. Sometimes there are very charismatic dogs who can pull lots of dogs into the game with them, but so far that has not been the norm for Bruin. We’ll need to do some more research to find out how typical Bruin’s behavior is.


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I am a 54 year old woman with multiple sclerosis in addition to other health issues. I have two dogs, a 20 month old GBGV puppy named Bruin, and a 13 year old terrier mix named Twinkie. I also have three adult children who never call.

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