Dog Parks & Property Value


You bet it could.

Dog Parks Growing in Popularity Nationwide

Parks and Recreation

Dog parks are the hottest thing happening in this country right now, and the evidence of that could not be any clearer right here in MetroWest, Massachusetts.

All communities with dog park plans in process. Chelmsford and Maynard are open and running, Natick is well into the process, and Ayer, (YES, AYER), should be the model community for every town in Massachusetts, because they, as in their town government, actually initiated the process and is following through. I have not been to the site, but it appears to be in a decent location.


I believe that if Acton were to build a lovely, rural, dog park at the Great Hill location, it could be an asset to the town as a whole, raising property values and inviting people from other communities to come visit, or to scope out exactly what we did and how we did it.

Acton could receive national attention, as many other thoughtfully designed parks have. Our park already includes a plan for safe and stress-free access for some of the town’s more fragile dog owners and dog lovers and the integration of trainers to assist when needed to facilitate a safe and accessible community for everybody who would enjoy the company of dogs.

For the future, imagine expanding onto Little Great Hill or to the neighboring property that Acton is considering acquiring, outfitting spaces that could be rented out for agility, training, obedience classes, even birthday parties! Imagine dock diving into the pond – which other dog trainer has that! This project could propel Acton into the national spotlight for having created something wonderful and inclusive, finally allowing us to emerge from our reputation as Concord’s farm town, that town on the way to Harvard, and my favorite, “Oh, that place.”

Let you imaginations run wild – and contact all your artist friends, because we need a really lovely picture…




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I am a 54 year old woman with multiple sclerosis in addition to other health issues. I have two dogs, a 20 month old GBGV puppy named Bruin, and a 13 year old terrier mix named Twinkie. I also have three adult children who never call.

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