Jones Field – 10/01/16

Jones Field is at the corner of Martin St and Stow Rd in South Acton. It has been a baseball field for many years, with a playground at the eastern edge by an open brook.

According to the Recreation Department, baseball has been steadily decreasing in popularity and this field has already been returned to the town by ABYB. We are unaware how often the playground equipment is used.The recreation committee suggested this as an alternative site for the dog park.

jones-field-acreageThis is Jones Field with an approximation of its usable space measured inside the shaded boundary. The field as measured is 2.78 acres.

jones-infraredRotated to the more familiar angle, this is an infrared photo of Jones Field as it is now. The baseball diamond is visible in the lower right corner. The two shaded rectangles on the left side of the picture are the two playground areas. Farther to the left and at the very top of the picture are darkened areas that indicate a brook and flooding, respectively.

working_3This is an image of the field showing the flood plain in blue, a fence in black, and the solid green is the grassy surface of the field, with the baseball diamond and playground equipment removed.


All images originated at Acton’s GIS site:

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