Great Hill Field 9-06-16

aug-21-2016 GHF

Our first choice location for a dog park is this lovely, open field in South Acton. Located behind the South Acton fire station, it is a 2.5 acre, mostly level field bordered on three sides by heavy vegetation. Primary access to the Great Hill Conservation Trail System is at the top of the field, with secondary trail access points on either side. Not shown is a good sized pond which makes this property extraordinarily well-suited to being a dog park, as well as a parking lot, and a good distance from School Street.

This property is currently being shared by Acton Boxboro Youth Soccer and its use as an unofficial dog park.

The embellished map below depicts the field as it might be made into a dog park. The black line is the proposed fence – 4′ chain link, the wider yellow line represents an ADA accessible trail, and the pink line running along the left edge indicates an allowance for access to the trail heads. This plan is currently before the Recreation Committee for consideration.


Also before the recreation committee is a “Phase 1” plan which would include the fence across the opening of the park nearest the parking lot (the bottom of the diagram), along with fresh water features such as a hose down station, and some more benches.

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